Gretchen Coley is a Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Trainer &Transformation Specialist. Helping women nourish their bodies, flourish into fitness and transform not only their bodies but their lives.

 Hello Gorgeous!

Pull up a chair and grab a coffee or wine, your call! Let’s get to know each other…. I’m Gretchen and I am obsessed with inspiring and motivating and coaching women to make changes to their health that begin from within.

As a mother of 3, I understand the obstacles busy women are faced with when they begin the journey to lose weight and create lasting health (in the real world…. Not the la-la land that most books think you live in!;) How do I know? Because I have struggled and fought this battle myself. I lost 40 lbs., recreated my life and career and now as a Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Trainer and Transformation Specialist I’m sharing my insists and advice so that you will see making a change is not really that hard. It doesn’t take months or years it takes a moment, just making the decision and taking action one step at time! You see when you start nourishing your body+ mind, your body will transform effortlessly, weight will fall off, with every success comes more confidence and then you darling, will flourish in every aspect of life.

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Gretchen Coley captivates her audiences whether it’s online or in the room with her bubbly + infectious personality + real-world advice for women who are ready to feel better and have more fun. She is the founder of, wife, and mom of three young children, and the creator of the 6 Fix program and the Nourish Nutrition App (for iPhone, Droid & Desktop). As a Certified Holistic Weight Loss Coach, Transformation Specialist and Speaker Gretchen’s Passion is to help women leave mediocrity in the dust and create extraordinary transformations. Using her advice on nutrition, functional fitness and creating healthy habits her clients have been able to not only transform their bodies but also transform their lives.

In 2009 Gretchen was a mom juggling a 5 year old and 2-year-old twins, 50lbs over weight, and jumping from 1 diet to the next. After becoming completely obsessed with nutrition she mastered her holistic nutrition & training certifications. Through this she developed and used her own simple, unique approach to lose over 50lbs and won Ms. Bikini Universe just a couple years ago. Her manageable yet creative meal plans and functional fitness strategies are what she now shares with audiences both online and in person.

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