I started with this group because of a close friend of mine! She had done it and swore by it and I saw her results! I thought to myself that if she could do it, I knew I could! I was ready for this lifestyle change not only for me but for my family. I have three kids that look up to me and I want them to see me take care of myself. Not only have I lost weight and inches but I can tell a difference in my children. They eat healthy with me and it’s amazing. Along with this program I have so much more energy, this was a huge goal also for me. I’m a stay at home mom and I can get lazy but with this program it kept me up and on my feet. This is not the end for me, I can’t wait until I start back in January with this amazing team. Thanks for all the support and being a great leader, Gretchen.

Emily Hodgeman

6 Fix

“As a single mother, working a full-time job outside of the home I never thought I had enough time to reach my fitness goals. Your program gave me all the tools necessary to succeed!”

“Your well thought out, highly effective workouts deliver maximum results in a short amount of time. Your meals plans are so simplified that by the first week I was able to have three days worth of meals prepped and packaged in under 1 hour, for all three days! The weekly check-ins held me accountable to the program. Your weekly phone calls were full of so much great information and motivation! The daily workouts were so simple to follow yet delivered an effective, heart pumping workout! The Facebook group allowed me to reach out to others in the group and the support from within the group was awesome! And the results, my gosh the results!!! I am amazed at the results others have posted and beyond ecstatic with my own!

Because of you and the program you have created Gretchen, I am very excited to tell you that I start training to receive my 200 hour Yoga Certification on February 20th, a goal I could not have reached without you! Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do! I am so excited to be a part of your next Phase and cannot wait to get started!

Marie Carmen

6 Fix

Wow, what a journey! I feel absolutely AMAZING and HAPPY! 12 weeks is not a long time. I can finally see cuts and some definition on my body that weren’t there before these 12 weeks. I am definitely stronger than I was 12 weeks ago and this is coming from someone who always worked out and worked out hard. I got on the scale at the gym for the first time at the end of 12 weeks and I wish I had done it at the beginning too! It measures body fat and skeletal muscle mass and told me I had 74 pounds of pure muscle and 20.2% body fat (average I think) the trainer telling me about the numbers said 74 pounds of muscle was really good for my weight so I’m gonna believe that! Physically, it’s crazy how different my body looks in just 3 months. My muscles look elongated somehow and just I don’t know, just totally different!


6 Fix

“My physical change surprised me. I would never have guessed I could have lost 13lbs and go down two pant sizes, and probably need to go down another one in just six weeks. But more than my appearance my life has changed.

For the last six weeks, I have actually enjoyed going to the grocery store to see what is new in that section that I could try. I didn’t exercise much, and on the occasions when I did it was in the evenings. I loved sleep so much I would never have dreamed that I would get up early to exercise, but that is exactly what I have been doing. I wake up every morning at 5:00 am and I may start the workout half asleep but I end wide awake and feeling great!

For the first time in 8 years I bought a bikini and not one with a skirt, but the real thing. It took me a week to get up the courage to put it on, but last weekend when I wore it already it was too big. I went and bought the same one in a size smaller, and bought two more bikinis when I did.”


6 Fix

I have always been tall, slim, and could eat what ever I wanted and never had to worry about gaining weight. I had never stepped foot into a gym, did not exercise or work out. Then I got into my 30’s and it seemed everything caught up with me. I started gaining in my midsection, none of my clothes fit anymore. I was discussed with myself every time I looked in the mirror. I saw a picture of myself and realized that I did not like who I saw in the picture. I saw a double chin that made me want to vomit. I just did not look healthy.

I started to pay attention to other women and get jealous almost, thinking to myself “I want to look like that”. Joining 6 Fix was the best decision ever!!!

Gretchen has changed my whole mindset. I have been going to the gym 4-5 times a week, doing work outs at home, eating better, only drinking water, and feeling SO much better about myself. I have a long way to go before I get to where I want, but I feel good about where I’m at right now in only 6 weeks. I am now down to 143lbs and counting!


6 Fix

Gretchen has been such a pleasure to work with for my health and fitness goals. By utilizing her extensive experience I was able to set myself on track to meeting my goals in a natural and healthy manner; with positive impacts to my energy level, physique, and focus. Thanks to Gretchen and her coaching I have created a permanent lifestyle change for myself and family. I would highly recommend her services to anyone interested in learning how to eat properly for weight loss or performance. She is so enthusiastic about nutrition and helping people; it is contagious. Thanks again for all your coaching, motivation and inspiring words. Forever thankful for you and our new friendship.


6 Fix

Wondering what your before and after could look like…